Mobility and long-term employability

Universities aim to foster a culture where further development towards taking the next step in your career is a given. Below you can read about how this will affect you.

Support and management staff

As member of the support and management staff with a permanent contract, you will remain in the same position for no longer than four to six years. During that period, you will develop your professional skillset in order to take the next step in your career, acknowledging your qualities, talents and goals. This could either be a step within your current position, or a position elsewhere at the university or outside the university. However, in consultation, you may decide to retain your current position. You will discuss this with your manager and perhaps draw up a development plan together. Every year, you will undertake a number of initiatives aimed towards your further development, which will receive the support of your employer, including financial support. Working on your development is part of your job and is included in the assessment criteria. Further details can be found in Art. 6.9a and Appendix L of the collective labour agreement CAO-NU.