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Accrual of pension rights during illness or unemployment

For the duration of your employment at the university, you will accrue pension rights with the ABP General Pension Fund for Public Employees. Read about what happens in the event of long-term illness or if you lose your job.


If you fall ill for a longer period, your pension will continue to accrue as normal during the first two years. If you work full-time, become completely unable to perform any work and are dismissed after two years of illness, you will continue to accrue 50% of a non-contributory pension. If you are only partly unable to work, your non-contributory pension accrual will be proportional to your ability to work. Contact the ABP to find out about how your personal situation will be affected.


If you work full-time and become unemployed, you will accrue 50% of your pension rights during your period of unemployment. If you worked part-time, your pension accrual will be proportional to your part-time contract.